Saturday, February 19, 2011

The secret of Kells

I whatched the (animated) film ' The Secret of Kells' last night,WOW!!! It's so beautiful and extremely creative!!! (It's in some ways what got me going on the rant I just posted about needing a creativity upgrade)

I want to watch it again and freeze every frame so I can just drink in the beauty of some of the shots... (yep, I know, sad but true!!! : ) )

I thought it had quite a powerful message too... about how creativity can be a a source that releases freedom. How we need to overcome fear to access new levels of creativity. When we are able to do this it brings freedom not only to ourselves but also those around us...and possibly even the generations to come.
This may come at a price, we may have to take risks and inevitably there will be obsticles (sometimes in the form of people who love us but don't fully understand). These must be counted, taken and overcome if we are ever going to fully access this the new.

And to top things off it has a very sweet little ranga as the lead character.

So as you can see I'm a fan.

I pulled up a few of images off google for you to enjoy...

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