Friday, June 18, 2010

FLIGHT HOUSE/ Freedom's Flight

I sold an art work last week. It's going to be the cd cover for my friend Catherines Album 'Flight House'. (check out 'Cape Dove' on Facebook if you're interested)
How Random and fun!!!

I painted it back at the start of the year and when i looked on the back I'd called it t 'Freedom's Flight'. Well it was obviously meant to be.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

the joy of scanners

Much to my joy and delight and with many thanks to my awesome housemate I have finally gained access a scanner!!!

I had a crazy cleaning fenzy in my room yesterday and found a few images and drawings that I've loved and filed away in random folders for the day they could be scanned and shared with the world in digital form!!! Here are a few hope you enjoy them too.

I've had this post card for over 10 years and still love it... still gives me itchy feet when I look at it
This is out of a national Geo mag ... it insired a series of drawings about 18 months ago, it still inspires me, I love birds

I want to sit there... i think there will be rooms with massive windows like this in heaven...

sketch from several years ago