Saturday, September 25, 2010

Ruah Cards

Something exciting that has been happening lately is that I've finally started a range of greeting cards. So far I only have them in one shop in Byron (called 'Handmade in Byron Bay') But it's a start. I'll post some photos soon. This is the logo at the moment.

Ruwach is a hebrew word it means spirit or breath. It is the word to describe the Spirit of God at creation. It also refers to life, courage, prophecy and the divine impartation of spiritual gifts and abilities. So in essence it is about spiritual creativity and to me I also see it as a partnering with the Spirit of Christ who is the spirit of creation and creativity.

I want my cards to be beautiful and whimsical and to bring joy, life, courage/encouragement and inspiration.

The cool story behind the name is that I didn't know what it meant originally when I chose it for a name for my cards. So it was an added bonus when one of my friends told me she had found this meaning for it.

Below is one of the images I also have the brown tree (previously posted) and the crown on my page heading... me under the apple tree

Illustration theres another whole world out there...

Over the next couple of months I'll to be doing a report on illustration for an end of year tafe project.
As part of the report I'm going to do a few little projects. One of them is to join a site called illustration friday. You sign up and get sent a topic once a week which you need to post on you blog or somewhere on line by friday ... should be a fun little thing to do adn a bit of a challenge to start drawing agin. I used to try to draw something every day but have got out of the habbit.

This week I've been researching illustrators I've found a couple that I really like.

Shaun Tan

Rebecca Dautremer

I'm sure there will be more to come...