Saturday, February 19, 2011

Art and Justice

Went to a fun local Byron art exhibition in a house at Suffolk Park tonight. Good art, live music, a few drinks and good company makes for a good night! I went with no expectation but wasn't disapointed. There woud have been at least 150-200 people there.
It was hosted by one of the artist's, a photographer called Kat who I've decided is a bit of a legend.

I was inspired!!!

Inspired on many levels. Inspired by artists just getting out there and having a go... but mainly inspired by the fact that ALL proceeds from the night are being donated to a charity.

I have for a long time felt that for me personally there needs to be (and on some days when I really get stired up I think there MUST be) a connection between the arts and justice... I saw it again tonight and I was stired. Stired to think about what that means for me as an artist and a designer.

Hopefully stired not just to think but to act...

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