Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Spirit Art

The first Mind Body Spirit Festivals for 2010 is on this weekend in Sydney. I'm a part of a Christ centred spiritual community that has a booth called Christolight at the festival. We offer spiritual encounters, supernatural healing, dream interpretation and destiny words. One thing that we love and highly value in our community is beauty and creativity, so as a part of the decorations for the booth we have included several original spiritual/prophetic artworks.
It's been really cool to see the way the spirit has used these images to impact, encourage and bless people. At Melbourne last year we had a woman come into the booth who was watching our team on the stage, she received a destiny word about the spirit of Christ unlocking creativity in her life she then got a picture/vison. When she later came to the booth for some more healing prayer she was amazed to see the picture of 'The Dreamer' and told us that she had just received a vision of this painting while at the stage.

These are some of the works I painted for the booth.

'The dreamer' 2008

'Healing Angel' 2008

'Rain' 2008

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